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TOSH TREK ADVENTURE- Planning a trip to the hippie land in Parvati Valley!!

Himachal Pradesh is a blessed state with incredible beauty, immense charm, and colorful culture. The place is filled with lush meadows, gushing waterfalls, flower carpeted hills, fast-moving rivers, gorgeous mountains, fast-paced, and busy lifestyle. Parvati Valley which is situated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The valley is the confluence of River Parvati and River Beas and runs eastwards from the town Bhuntar in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.

Tosh, Kasol, and Kheerganga are some popular villages known as trekking destinations in Parvati Valley.


Tosh is a village in Himachal Pradesh perched at an elevation of 2,400m (7,900ft) on a hill near Kasol. Tosh valley trek is very popular among nature lovers and backpackers. Tosh is located at the far end of Parvati valley. The village is untouched by modernization and fast-paced busy life. The hippie culture and amazing vibe of this place will transport you to another world. Kasol is the starting as well as the ending point of Tosh valley trek. The trek will take you to the lush green meadows, forests of oaks and pines, gushing waterfalls, and the sound of fast-flowing water in Parvati River alongside. The trail is easy to walk on and somewhere tricky and curvy. The vistas of the Himalayan ranges will leave you breathless. The trek starts from a small village of Barshaini and ends at Barshaini. You can trek further to Kasol or Kheerganga(other villages in Parvati Valley).


Tosh has become popular in recent years due to the nearby village Kasol. Kasol is famous for its hippie culture and attracts hippies from all around the world especially from Israel and Europe. The place is very popular among backpackers and solo travelers who are looking for an escape from their chaotic hustle-bustle life. You will smell marijuana when you enter Tosh. The village is famous for cannabis plantation and people here sell marijuana and apples to earn. With each step, you will fall in love with the village of hash and trance!

How to Reach?

For commencing this adventure, first, you will have to reach Bhuntar.

Since there are no direct buses available to Bhuntar from Delhi, you have to take a bus from Delhi to Manali. Bhuntar is at a distance of 50km from Manali. There you will find so many local buses and taxis that will drop you Bhuntar.

The nearest railway station is the Joginder Nagar Railway station which is 144km from Bhuntar. You can take a local bus from outside the railway station and reach Bhuntar.

The nearest airport is in Bhuntar at a distance of 50 km from Tosh. You can take flights from Delhi and Chandigarh.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Tosh is in the months of November to February, as the whole village is covered with snow. Snow lovers can plan to visit in winter.

In summers, the temperature goes to 15 degrees and the blissful sun won’t sweat you. The weather remains pleasant and calm. The place gets crowded this season. 

In monsoons, the valley receives heavy rainfalls and the trail gets muddy and slippery. It is risky to do trekking and hiking in the mountains.

Major Attractions

  • Visit Jamdagni Rishi Temple

Jamdagni temple opens once in a year in the months of January or February. It is located in the center of the village and offers amazing scenic views of snow-covered Himalayan peaks.

  • Partying

Another thing you can do in Tosh is dancing and partying in Psytrance & rave parties. Tosh is a hub for hippies and backpackers. You can also attend the Namaste festival, a psychedelic party festival which held in the months of May- July.

  • Camping 

Pitch your tents in the might mountains and forests.


You can also do trekking to the nearby places, the very famous is Kheerganga.

Places To Stay and Food

Tourism is growing in Tosh, the village has some small guesthouses and hotels where you can choose to stay. You can also opt for homestays at minimal charges. Some of the few stay options are Pink Floyd, Hotel Hilltop, and Ashwin cafe. 

You will find so many cafes in Tosh offers European, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. You can also find north Indian food at some small cafes. Tea stalls and Maggie points are at every point of the trek. 

Travel Tips for Tosh

  • Carry the minimum amount of cash with you, because ATM’s will be available near Kasol.
  • A good pair of hiking shoes are a must to carry.
  • Be respectful to the local customs and beliefs. Be nice do not misbehave with village people. 
  • Do not litter or destroy natural surroundings. Always carry an extra polybag for your waste like cigarette packs, beer bottles, etc.
  • Eat healthy and keep a medical kit with you always

Tosh valley trek is one of the popular treks among trekkers and backpackers. This beautiful village will give you a glimpse of pahadi culture and leave you breathless by the amazing views. It is a weekend getaway trek!

Live. Travel. Explore!

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