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Tips to Cut the Right Deal with Plumbers

When hiring plumbers in London is concerned, there are usually two ways: the day rate or hourly rate and the cost of the job. The day or the hourly rate stresses on the time factor and makes you pay only for the cost of the work involved. Materials and parts involved in the job are paid in addition to the plumbing labour cost. Plumbers in London usually charge an initial call out fee for the first hour of the job and then they keep charging for the every additional hour they provide you with service.

By and large this seems to be appropriate for both the parties concerned. But there’s a flip side to it. When you’ve a very tiny job that hardly requires a few minutes, you’ve to pay a disproportionately high amount. But if you’ve an honest plumber, he may also consider your case and do some additional task like a thorough inspection to detect some serious plumbing issue and fix them.

Many professional plumbers work this way to build a bond of trust with their clients. When you know the mechanic did not do any injustice to you rather provided you with additional service for the money he took, you’ll automatically be inclined to call him again the next time. Any successful plumbing agency is built upon this trust.

On the other hand, while handling larger jobs, like a bathroom, kitchen or boiler installation plumbers usually quote an overall price for the job. The majority of plumbing mechanics in London prefer clients buying all the kits and gadgets. When they do the purchasing on behalf of a client, they can hardly quote 10 to 15 percent the markup above the cost price. Instead of that they have to do a lot of running around to and fro the market. Moreover, if any appliance turns out to be faulty, they have to do additional running around to get it replaced.

These days, more and more landlords prefer to shop online and thus do not depend on their plumbing mechanics for the necessary shopping.

Tips to consumers about hiring plumbers

However consumer watchdogs across the UK do warn consumers about marking up on materials by a section of plumbers. Unlike any common man, these professionals usually get discount on buying materials from the merchants. In spite of that they add up nearly 15 to 20% markup on the normal cost for monetary gain. This additional amount is levied for saving your time and effort from going to the market.

While shopping for big-ticket items like shower units and boilers, the markup is even higher. Therefore, you should always try to buy these items yourself either online or offline. You just pay the plumbing mechanic only for the installation.

However you have to be very cautious and careful. Unless you have some idea about what plumbing parts you require, you can pretty easily bring home items that are actually not required. In such unfortunate developments, the plumber will have to go round the hardware store and get the right things and you can bet that they won’t be pleased to face such circumstances. All these unexpected delays and additional effort may crawl into your bill. Whenever you ask a plumber to give you a written quote or an estimate, make sure to understand each and every item mentioned there so that you don’t end up bringing any variation by accident.

Another thing to watch out for is the call out charges, specially if it’s late hours or weekends. Usually a plumber’s cost in London is quite reasonable based on hourly rate. But a section of them is known to double the cost for a job suddenly at late hours or weekends, specially if the job is a tiny one. Then again, there are plumbing mechanics, who refuse charging a call out rate but they charge excessively for the first hour. This is how they extract the call out fee without ever mentioning it to you.

Watch out for these things while dealing with plumbers.