Pia Wurtzbach, sa wakas ay nagsalita na ukol sa pambabash sa pagkamit niya ng Woman of the Year

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach finally slams bashers after being targeted for her Woman of the Year award by a Dubai-based award-giving body.

The beauty queen flew to Dubai just recentlyfor the annual awarding event of Xpedition Middle East, a “luxury, fashion, travel and lifestyle magazine” based in UAE.

According to Pia, she usually would ignore comments from the haters but she can not let it pass when they called her “undeserving” for the award.

“I usually dont like answering them but I have to admit, nahuhurt ako pag sinasabing ‘wala ka namang ginawa.’” she wrote on her Instagram story.

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The Filipino-German pageant queen continued to defend herself on the comment section of her post about the award, listing her contributions that became the basis of the judges’ criteria.

“Now I dont really like having to explain myself, Im sure nanotice nyo naman ia tuwing mag binabato sakin na issue tahimik lang talaga ako.

“But this time I feel like I need to say something.

“Ang saya saya ko everytime I give back in my own little way.

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“And it hurts me when people say na wala naman akong ginawa or ginagawa.”

Added her, “Pinopost ko naman pero somehow people only notice the glam pics and my photos with Jeremy,

Frustrated and dismayed, she continued protecting her boyfriend and her family who also became the subject of the hate of the people.

“This year has been tough for me too. Ive been trying to keep my head up and balance work and businesses, my personal life and even family issues.

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“I’ve been through some really dark times this year (even Jeremy has seen it) but somehow Ive been able to fight through it and I havent forgotten about the people who believe in me.”

Continued Pia, “So to my bashers who work so hard to bring me down, okay lang sakin kung ayaw nyo sakin or iba kasi ang bet nyo.

“After the success of my very first fundraiser I gained the confidence to do more,”

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