Nakakapanlumong Backpay ng Isang Empleyado, Nag-Viral Online!

Waiting for your backpay can be a very tedious process. It can take up to three months, and in some cases, even a year before finally getting your backpay. Sometimes, former employees even have to go back and forth in the office just to get updates about their check. That being said, it can be very disappointing to find out that you will only receive very little pay.

This is the dilemma of this netizen, who took to social media to share his problem. Amir Jhon Tingdioco recently shared how much backpay he got after quitting his last job. According to Amir, after months of waiting for his backpay, he was deeply disappointed when he only received P172 in check.


On Facebook, he shared a photo of his check proving that he only received P172. He also addressed his former agency, and called them out for their unjust and insulting process. According to Amir, his agency has already been lambasted by Tulfo for not giving the proper backpay of their employees.

“Asan ang hustisya sa ganitong agency? For more than two years of being employee niyo itong separation fee o backpay ko P172? Last time balita ko napa-Tulfo kayo then nagbigay kayo ng backpay sa mga nag-resign. May separation fee pang nalalaman P172 lang naman pala. Sana binigay niyo na lang sakin ng bayara, baka ma-appreciate ko pa. Laking tulong nito sa pamilya.”

On his post, Amir also called out the attention of Raffy Tulfo’s program in order to resolve his dilemma. Furthermore, he expressed his disappointment at his agency for allegedly making him chase after the P172. According to Amir, he has been working under this agency for almost two years before resigning.

On the other hand, some netizens offered an possible explanation on why Amir’s backpay was a meager amount. Some people speculated that he must have taken out a lot of loans, which is why he was left with very little backpay. But Amir disproved this by saying that he never took out any loans.

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