KC Concepcion, usap-usapan ngayon sa social media matapos sabihin ang bagay na ito kay Matteo at Sarah

Singer and actress KC Concepcion has nothing but pure bliss and happiness for her friends, Matteo Guidecelli and Sarah Geronimo who tied the knots last February 2020 and are now living happily together.

On her interview with Matteo, the 35 year old female celeb expressed her joy upon knowing that the couple are in so much peace and are enjoying being married.

She also talked about how she misses Sarah, whom she fondly calls “Sars”

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“Please give her a big kiss and a big hug from me. I’m so happy for you guys and I miss you guys,” KC told Matteo.

Then KC, who is doing an Instagram Live show of “Kitchen Collabs” where she guests her celebrity friends to join and help her cook was delighted to know that Sarah is willing to join her for a one of a kind episode.

“You guys should like bake next time. You and Sarah should bake. She’s like the best at doing that,” Matteo said. To which KC responded: “Really? Good. ‘Cause I know nothing about baking.”

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Proud of his wife, Matteo said: “No, like she’s the best. Like people take like 50 tries to make the perfect cake. Siya isa lang and it’s perfect already.”

“So talent pala ni Sars ang baking. Sige, let’s do that. I super miss her. I miss Sars already. Tsaka siyempre ikaw ang hubby ni Sars so love ka na rin namin,” KC said.

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Conversing about AshMatt’s wedding life, KC said, “I’m so happy for Sarah and for you. I want to hug you both. Bilib ako sa’yo and kay Sarah.”

Asked about his married life, Matteo said: “It’s like two people colliding, two people synergizing, and becoming better people. So, you just have to love honestly and trust. That’s all you really need, right?”

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