KC Concepcion, ibinunyag ang tunay na pagtrato ni Matteo Guidecelli sa asawa niyang si Sarah Geronimo

Actress and singer KC Concepcion serves her fans a fresh and entertaining episode of her digital cooking show, Kitchen Collabs with her celebrity guest, actor Matteo Guidecelli.

It seems like the two were indeed good friends, as KC started asking quite personal questions about Matteo and his relationship with his wife, Sarah Geronimo.

As the two were preparing dishes, the actor talked about how he usually prepares his pasta, especially if his cooking for the popstar princess.

“For example, when I cook pasta for Sarah and nagmamadali ako, or kailangan ko nang gawin dahil gutom na siya or whatever, if I rush it, it’s not good, e.

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“So, you always have to put heart into it. It’s just like you’re making love to the pasta, kumbaga, you know what I mean?”

KC then laughed, “Matteo, huwag mo kaming ganyanin. I-secret niyo na lang ‘yan sa married life ninyo, grabe!

“Hindi kakayanin ng mga tao dito. There’s almost two thousand of us,”

But despite of KC’s warnings, the Kapamilya actor pushed through, “It’s very important. There’s a lesson for everybody.

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“Kumbaga, you have to give love, make love to the dish, di ba?”

After that, KC then asked her friend on how he manages to maintain a peaceful and healthy relationship with Sarah.

“You just say sorry all the time,” he jokingly answers.

He then continued, “One thing I learned about married life is that, just say, ‘Sorry, Love. Sorry, kasalanan ko talaga.’ Kahit hindi mo kasalanan, sorry nang sorry, ‘no?”

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KC seem to peek a little flaw on Matteo’s statement, “Talaga? So, marami kang kasalanan ibig sabihin?”

Matteo then said replied, “Wala naman,” and the singer had to reassure herself.

KC: “Sars, mabait ba talaga si Matt? Yung totoo. Tatanungin ko si Sarah kung mabait ka ba talaga,”

Matteo then confidently responded, “tanungin mo

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