Kathryn Bernardo, ginulat ang publiko matapos aminin na ayaw niya makatrabaho ang taong ito

Kapamilya A-lister Kathryn Bernardo becomes candid on her new Youtube vlog which she uploaded last December 9.

Together with the celebrity doctor, Aivee Teo, the actress played “Never Have I Ever” to which Aivee scores a point whenever she guesses something that Kathryn have done before.

On one of the question, Kathryn decided to share her experience as a professional actress and how she handles situation when things does not go the way she likes.

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“Never have I ever worked with someone I hated.” askes the doctor.

“I have.” the actress responded quickly.

But explained Kathryn, “hate” is not pretty suitable for her feeling that moment, and “dislike” would be a better word to describe it.

“Not naman I hated din. ‘Cause it’s too much. But disliked,”

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Added her, “But then, surprisingly, isa yun sa mga resolutions ko last year: to give second chances, o just to give chance sa taong maybe na-misinterpret mo lang siya or something.”

And in the end, they even became friends.

“And surprisingly, ano, e, okay siya.

“Sometimes nag-start lang kayo nang mali. And then, nung nakilala ko siya, naging kaibigan ko pa.”

On the next question, Kathryn once and for all clarify plastic surgery rumors.

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“Never.” she said.

Added her, “Siyempre, sabihin niyo pag never, dini-deny ko na naman. Pero never.

“I’m happy with my nose. Siguro lang, when I got thinner and then medyo tumanda kaya siya lumiit.”

But she has nothing against face and body modification.

“But I swear, [si] Doc Aivee walang ginagawa sa nose ko o any doctors before Doc Aivee, just to be clear.”

“If you want to have surgery, wala naman ding problem don… For me talaga, no. It’s all natural.”

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