Ellen Adarna, sinagot ang mga tanong tungkol sa lovelife niya na hindi inasahan ng lahat

Celebrity Ellen Adarna dismisses questions about her love life during her Ask Me a Question segment on her Instagram stories just recently.

Every now and then, Ellen interacts with her fans by letting them ask her everything they want to know about the actress, and Ellen will answer them all as much as possible.

On of the things that the former sexy star likes to talk about is her insights about relationships.

When asked about how she differentiate “unconditional love” on being a “martyr”, Ellen explained.

“Unconditional love ‘Day is a love that is healthy and given freely, without expecting any in return.

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“Ang martyr, they’re obsessed, they are clingy, they do not have self-worth, and selfish pa.”

Added her, “Pa-blind-blind ni sila unya victim kaayo sila sa ilahang choices. Mga kuan ni sila, masokista.”

(Pa-blind-blind itong mga ito tapos parang victim pa sila sa kanilang choices. Mga anong tao ito, masokista.)

Meanwhile, the next query was: “Do you have a new boyfriend?”

To which the actress only responded with, “’Day, why are you interested? This question or issue will not make your life better.”

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Ellen has never been vocal about her relationships, and even on her 2 year old son, Elias whom she rarely shows the face.

Clarify the actress, she only protects her son from “chismosas” on the internet.

She also once opened up about focusing on herself above anything else to be a better role model for her kid.

“Because of him… I want to be a better version of myself and a better version is a healthy person, right?” the social media star says in a virtual interview with her friend Samantha Kapunan, a yoga teacher and founder of Satori Philippines.

“A healthy person is physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

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“You just have to set an example to your child because you will set a standard. Especially like me, I have a son.

“I will set the standard of what he wants in a woman, so I am pressured.”

Ever since she became a mom, she has became wary of her actions especially she knows that she will be a huge influence on Elias.

“I now understand what conscious parenting is because you really have to take care of yourself.

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“Because what I noticed with Elias, he doesn’t listen to what you say. He copies what I do. It’s the little things.

“We really have to take care of ourselves.”

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