Contribution of IoT(internet of things) In Home Improvement-

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                   Contribution of IoT(internet of things) In Home Improvement-

Technology has changed during the past few years. It will continue to evolve with more and more new technologies being added to the existing programs. Kindly answer this question. Ten years ago, in India, would you have imagined getting the lights on and off with a clap? Yes, a clap. No, correct? But, it is possible in recent times. And it is the smart home phenomenon which is catching on in Indian urban cities. In this article, let us focus on the contribution of the Internet of Things to Home Improvement.
What is the Internet of Things?
Imagine if you can control every appliance in the home with a push of a button. Did the previous sentence give a vague idea of the Internet of Things? It is a process by which home electronic appliances can receive and transfer data. In short, every appliance is connected to a common server and your mobile. With your mobile, you can ask home systems such as Alexa or Google Home to make the appliances act on your command.
In the past, you had only James Bond who used to make his car come to the desired location by the wristwatch. The same concept has occurred in homes. With the Internet of Things, you can ask the washing machine to start the process with a voice command. You can schedule the temperature in the air conditioner with your mobile.
Let us focus on more examples of IoT in home improvement –
Contribution of IoT in home improvement-
Think if you can control your refrigerator with your smartphone. Grocery shopping will be much easier. You can check the items present in the refrigerator. And get the list of items you need to purchase.
You can further control the devices from anywhere at any time. This will allow you to control the wastage of power. Imagine you have set up a smart sensor in your homerooms. So, when you go inside the room, the lights come on. And when there is no one present, the lights switch off. This will not only save electricity, but you can also save some cash.
Prepare a Plan
Are you getting interested in buying smart home electronic appliances? Then please ensure that they can fit your home. Or else, you may have to shell out more money to make the appliances compatible with other devices.
Main Benefits of IoT-
1. Contribution of IoT in home improvement – Home Security
On any security breach or home invasion, you can receive notifications. For example, you go on vacation. But you have installed WiFi smart security CCTV in your home. An invasion and an alarm come to your mobile. You can log in to the CCTV, see the happenings and then alert your area police station.
Have you installed a smart lock to your home? Then, the password must be kept secret by every family member. For example, your relative comes to the home and you are not present. He makes a call and you respond. You switch on the CCTV and give him a temporary password. The guest can go inside the home and take rest until you come from the office.
Some examples
ESCAM Model – G02 720P P2P
Sricam Model – SP009 720P H.264
B. Contribution of IoT in home improvement – Ring video doorbell 2-

Image from
It is one of the best home security devices. It has built-in technology to keep your home safe and secure. It shows 1080p real-time video footage with two-way audio. You can communicate with people outside the home without coming face to face. It also has motion detectors so that you get an alert of someone being at the doorstep. You can check on the internet for the model by the same name.
C. Contribution of IoT in home improvement – Kasa Smart Plug-

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You can save your electricity bill by installing a Kasa smart plug. With this feature, you can control the lights and ceiling from your mobile. You can check on the internet for the model by the same name.
D. Contribution of IoT in home improvement – iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner

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It is a robotic smart vacuum cleaner. This device helps in automatic cleaning of your tiles, floors, and carpets. Its performance is one of the most effective in today’s date. It has 3 stages for cleaning your home, cleans every furniture and corners of your home. You can control or schedule the device with your smartphone.
There are many other smart devices which you can use for home automation. You can install smart TV, smart Refrigerator and smart Washing machine. All you need is a proper plan. Also, check if the WiFi router and system are foolproof.
Please note, there is also a disadvantage when it comes to the Internet of Things. Yes, you guessed it right. It is a security problem. As already mentioned, every home appliance gets connected to the Internet through a common server. If a hacker can gain access to your system, imagine the problems. He can make your air conditioner give cool air below the required level, cause microwave oven to go to overheat mode and do other acts. So, it is required to have the best security practices and system to prevent illegal entry.
How To Prevent Your Home IoT from getting hacked
There can be a weak link in your IoT system. For example, you can have a smart washing machine, but the security features have not got updated. So, the hacker detects the vulnerability and gains access to the software feature on the washing machine and then to your system. Once inside, he can indulge in criminal activity.
  • To prevent hacking, you should ensure every smart electronic appliance has its software versions updated.
  • If you have a router, ensure that you change the password given by the manufacturer. Ensure that the password is known only to family members. The password must be strong and the hackers should not guess the password.
  • Is there WiFi in your home? So, use the encryption type such as WPA2 to prevent confidential information to keep the devices secure.
  • In case you have guests in your home, give them a separate WiFi account. Let them not access your home devices.
  • There are chances that some of your smart appliances may come with default software programs and other services. In case, you are not in need, disable them. Also, remove other services that are not useful to your home.
Contribution of IoT has brought in a change which has made human life easier and beautiful. Go and grab the chance of living a quality life with a smart home. Become a member of the change. And when there are electronic appliances, will the repairs be far behind? However, there will be a slight difference. The explanation is a little complex. It is better if we explain with an example. Let us imagine, you have a normal AC model. So, only if the performance gets reduced, then you will know there is a technical problem. Shall we take a location? You are in Pune and a similar situation. And if the warranty period has expired, you need to contact the professionals having experience in AC repair and service in Pune? But the problem can get fixed in quick time.
With smart appliances, there is another benefit. In some appliances, there will be a feature called smart diagnosis or predictive maintenance. For example, you have a smart fridge from a reputed brand in Bangalore. Now, if a part does not work in the fridge in proper order, you will get an alarm on your mobile. There are also some brands which will not only send an alarm but also send a message to the brand’s washing machine service center in Bangalore. They will come and rectify the problem.
Now, have you gained enough information on Contribution of IoT to the home improvement sector? If you are satisfied with the article, kindly drop a favorable review.

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