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Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019

What changed him into Atheist? God Knows!

“Today is Sunday. Please join me I’m going to the church for blessings”, cried Jack’s

mother while he was leaving for a hangout with his friends. “Not sure Mom if I’ll be able to…”

Before she could continue, he had driven past the corner of the street. She felt sad, worried

even; Jack didn’t pay heed to her pleas. He was living in his own world and did not care

about the family’s culture and values. She felt deep down that her son is heading the wrong

way. He had lost faith in the Gods and often argued with his parents over such matters which

they felt was a clear sign of “atheism”—something impossible for them to swallow.

Jack, a 24-year-old boy from Canada, had seen his shares of ups and downs but he

felt that for a long time he has been taking a beating from his own life. He had completed his

College in Engineering with a decent grade but refused to take the job placement in the

end as he still was very unsure about his passion in life. It had been two years since he

graduated and only twice had he stepped outside his home for work—two stints in Content

Writing but both seemed unbearable failures for him. His dream of serving the society

crashed before it could take off.

Jack was never clear-cut about his life or maybe he wasn’t allowed the latitude to be so.

His brother had fixed the standards for what was required of him and his parents were

inadvertently or deliberately inclined to affirm to his ways and suggestions. Even for deciding

on Jack’s higher education, his parents required Brandon’s needful advice when he was in the US.

Nevertheless, his father knew his son was extremely capable. He thought he just

needed guidance, pruning, and shaping; like his brother shaped his career after failures at the

primary school level. Unlike, his father, her mother thought she hadn’t any good time & tasted the success because of his no faith in God and swaying towards atheism. Jack, however, found himself at a juncture where he didn’t want any interventions of the sort. His behavior kept on changing with the passing days. Her mother thought he’s in the curse and couldn’t find a better option than buying an effigy of Jesus and some beads which she thought to offer to a priest to make it pious while chanting prayers. She decided to put the effigy in his old cupboard which he rarely uses and was locked from the past few years. Though, having the duplicate keys of that cupboard with Jack, she didn’t have a clue that he could also open that.

One day when he was searching for his umbrella everywhere in the house and planning to visit the near coffee shop with his friends. He unlocked the cupboard and that effigy made him in the state of shock. “Who kept it here”? It’s your idea Mom, I know”. With the wrath at the zenith, he shouted – I won’t tolerate it at all, I will throw in the dustbin outside. Her mother cried and felt he didn’t even heed to her sentiments. Somehow on her plea, he revoked his idea. Her mother had no option to return it back to the shop but that effigy had no return policy on it. How can I make such a silly mistake, I wish I could’ve read the Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019.