Billy Crawford, nanakawan ng cellphone habang ginagawa ang bagay na ito

Actress Coleen Garcia updates her fans about the ordeal her husband Billy Crawford experienced after their flight in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On her Instagram post, the actress talked about how Billy’s phone got stolen while he was changing his flat tire in Pasig City.

“Dubai completely exceeded my expectations, and we can’t wait to come back to complete our long To-do-in-Dubai list!

“But when @billycrawford got back, he got a flat tire in Pasig.

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“While he was changing it himself and using his phone as a flashlight on the ground, some kids decided to steal it.”

According to Coleen, it was not the only unfortunate thing that happened to her husband that day, although the celebrity mom did not detail other things.

“That was only one of the many negative things that happened to him on that day. Many.

“Trying not to let it get to us, but Billy hasn’t had a phone (no messaging, no social media) since he got back, and it’s been challenging for him because of work.”

And even if the incident was not something to be celebrate about, Coleen and Billy decide it will be better not be so affected about it, in order not to be engrossed with so much negativity.

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““Doesn’t it suck when something tries to steal your joy?

“It seems like the happier we are, the harder the enemy tries to sabotage it.

“When you know you’re on the right path—the right attitude, the right mindset—don’t allow anything to bring you down.

“Choosing to be happy and grateful NO MATTER WHAT, because that’s actually what God wants us to do.

“Rejoice and give thanks in ALL circumstances.

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“Siya na ang bahala sa kanila, at siya na rin ang bahala sa atin.”

To end her post, she wrote, “TWO TRUTHS:

“1. There will always be something to complain about.

“2. There will always be something to be grateful for.

“How do you choose to feel and think today?”

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