Accessories that you can wear along with sarees


It is no secret that any outfit looks most attractive when it is paired up with the best accessories, that said, accessories are items that visually enhance the look of clothing articles and the overall appearance of the wearer. Some outfits look good on their own but can look even better with some accompaniments. Sarees are such outfits that look best with the appropriate accessories, there is a range of items that can be paired up with your saree to make you look stunning and vibrant. Some accessories are wearable and are usually a kind of jewellery but some are carried articles, but all have the same effect on your look. Here is a list of some accessories to make your saree look to a new level.


Jewellery is small metal article that are designed to be worn on a certain area of the body to highlight it. Jewellery is the most common category of accessories and has become an enormous part of the world’s economy. Certain premium components used to make jewellery include gold, silver, platinum and even pearls and diamonds that are rarer making them expensive. Every woman wears jewellery even if it is a delicate pair of earrings for a normal day at the office or bangles to show the marital status of a woman. Here are the different types of jewellery.

1) Bangles hold important significance in Indian tradition, brides and brides-to-be have to wear these bangles as they signify prosperity and wellbeing for her husband. A number of materials can be used such as gold, glass and other metals. Bangles can also be used as a fashionable item to highlight the long slender arms of the wearer. When picking out bangles for a saree, make sure it matches the saree in terms of bling, simple sarees need simple bangles, picking flashy bangles can draw attention away from your outfit which is bad.

2) Necklaces are also an important feature of Indian tradition. The Mangalsutra is worn by a married woman and is compulsory to show a woman’s marital status. It is characterized by black and gold beads and can be short or long. Go ahead and also try new styles, chokers, traditional, pearls are classic picks that look stunning on any saree.

3) Earrings are a must-wear accessory if your ears are pierced. It is also very common to sport more than one pair of earholes, this has become a popular trend for women. For weddings and parties, pairing with a saree requires bigger earrings such as dangly bunched earrings that closely match the blouse. Simpler day to day outings require smaller more delicate studs.

4) Rings are a great addition if you can get the right fit. Wearing many rings has become a fashion trend and an indication of wealth in some cases but wearing too many can be a big mistake as it makes doing even simple tasks like checking your phone a nightmare.


The wearing of a stylish jacket is a famous trend being taken up by even Bollywood celebrities. Adding stylish crochet short or long sleeve jackets is an in-thing. Also, it is the perfect pairing to your saree in extra cold weather conditions. A jacket may be all you require if you wish to add an extra element to make your look more sophisticated. Choose from a range of plain or designer jackets that feature embroidery, sequins, mirror work or golden thread work matching the saree.


A special article that gives a royal look is waistbands. Waistbands are a new fashion trend that has gathered popularity in India. Here the band is worn around the waist and truly lays emphasis on the waistline of the wearer. Heavy waistbands are made of metal, fabric or even stone studded. They are rapidly becoming common and are being featured with a saree on almost every auspicious occasion.

Hair accessories

Before any event, every woman is probably trying to think about what hairstyle she is going to wear, this thought can sometimes give you a headache. Worry no more as an easy fix is just keeping your hair simple and letting hair accessories do all the talking for you. These are decorative articles that are placed in the hair to highlight your hair and you will find that it makes people pay less attention to the hairstyle itself, almost like an optical illusion. It is also a great option to wear with a saree if you are short of time.


Clutches are literally a woman’s best friend, no woman will be caught dead without one of these! Utilized as a carriable pocket, the clutch is a small pouch that is used to carry all valuable and emergency items a woman may need throughout the day or event. Some of the contents of a clutch include money, tissue, make-up, mobile and so on. No wonder why the clutch has evolved to become a fashion accessory adored by all women and girls. For special events such as weddings, it has become a staple for the saree and clutch to match perfectly creating a completed look.


Last but not least are shoes. They may be hidden beneath your saree but trust me this is no reason to slouch on the job as you do not want to be called out for wearing shabby shoes, nonetheless shoes need to be comfortable if you want to last the entire duration of the day. One hour with uncomfortable shoes can require days to heal your battle wounds, so choose wisely and find a balance between style and comfort.

Points to remember

  • Simple can be sophisticated, keep jewellery to a minimum and draw a line as to how much is too much.

  • Colour coordinate your outfit, do not mix many colours, stick to neutral jewellery or jewellery that will match any type and design of saree. 

  • Wear the jacket only if it suits and fits right, or else it is just a fashion faux pas. 

  • Waistbands should be loose but not too loose, if too tight it will strangle you or too loose and it will fall off!

  • Keep a simple hairstyle and flashy hair accessories, not vice versa or else there is no point to it being there.

  • Avoid large oversized clutches and keep to traditional shapes that are easy to hold.

  • Never compromise on comfort, wear light easy to walk in shoes to make sure you do not fall or develop foot sores that will hinder your activeness.

With all these accessories on the market, your look is sure to be upgraded to the next level and features the right amount of everything to keep you stylish for any event, be it a wedding, party, or even just daily office wear, these are the best pairings for the saree.