7 Steps You Need To Follow When Choosing An Interior Designer

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7 Perfect steps For Selecting the Most Suitable Interior Designers


Deciding the look of your new house can be certainly very difficult if you don’t have someone to help you out. The paint on the wall, the type of wood that would complement the floorboard and that paint on the wall, the sofa that would look classy and yet would make you feel like cuddling on top of  it and fall asleep. You might also realise that it’s been too long since you’ve redecorated the house you’ve been living in and it’s finally time to spice things up a bit.

At times like this an interior designer acts like your knight in shining Armour and guides you through the whole ordeal.

Here is everything you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best interior designer for you in bangalore:

1. Know your own style

Decide on what you like and what you want your house to look like. Browse through online websites and blogs to help you decide on the design and the art style you want your home to have. Pinterest and Tumblr are great sites for looking through ideas and colour options. Talk to your interior designer about it so that they can have a clear idea about the kind of designs you want and incorporate some of your ideas and selections into their own style.

2. Thorough examination of the portfolio

After you’ve a clear picture of what you want, look for designers who might also have the same taste. Run a background check on them, find out about their previous works, experience, skills, and reputation before contacting them. Find out what their remuneration is. Once you find a designer who checks all your boxes, you can finally move on to contacting your designer.

3. Set a date

Once you’ve contacted them, set a date for a face to face meet with your designer. Ask questions related to their payment, payment methods, and timelines. Ask beforehand if they charge a consultation fee. 

4. Fix your Budget beforehand 

For a smooth communication and progress of things, fix the amount you’re willing to spend on your home. Make sure to inform your Interior designer about this while you meet with them. Negotiate with your designer if required. Once you tell them your budget, your designer will select the most appropriate plan for you within your stipulated budget and shift and manage ideas if required. Make sure that you are clear about the payment instalments.


5. Make clear communication

Ensure proper communication with your designer so that they get your ideas and understand where you’re coming from. Ask questions about their ideas, clarify doubts, and tell them when you don’t like anything they propose. Remember, you have the last say when it comes to matters regarding your house.

6. Get updates

While work is in progress, it  might be necessary to make a few changes here and there. Request your designer or his team to provide you with regular updates on the progress.  Make sure you are also in touch with site engineers and project managers.

7. Be open to options

There might be times when you don’t agree with your designer. Don’t blow off what they say and try to understand why they are suggesting that particular idea. If you absolutely don’t like the idea then it is your decision. Looking for a middle ground in these type of situations is always a better solution for smooth progress of work.

If you have a good relationship with your designer, everything will be a lot easier. Try to make logical decisions when dealing with your designer. Only then will you get the perfect house of your dreams which will be loved by everyone who sets their foot inside it!

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