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Sikat na Beauty Queen, Bagong Girlfriend nga ba ni Willie Revillame?

Sikat na Beauty Queen, Bagong Girlfriend nga ba ni Willie Revillame?

Willie Revillame is one among the foremost popular hosts when it involves variety and game shows within the country. additionally to being an honest host, Willie is documented for his kindness and helping others in need. Whenever there are blessings that come to his way, Willie never forgets to thank the Lord and share them with others.

Willie has also worked on three of the foremost popular television networks within the country, including ABS-CBN, TV5, and now he’s performing on GMA Network because the host of the sport show “Wowowin.”
Now, many of us are asking: who is that the lucky woman that captured Willie’s heart? The “Wowowin” host is currently linked to a well-liked beauty queen, Miss Earth Philippines Silvia Celeste Cortesi, who is currently representing the Philippines.

The relationship reportedly started when Silvia became a guest on Willie’s giveaway Wowowin. consistent with the report, Silvia was even surprised when she received a smartphone from Willie because the host’s gift for her. This token of favor allegedly proves Willie’s fondness for Silvia.
However, some fans claimed that giving a smartphone is simply normal for his show as Willie often does it together with his show’s guests.

Meanwhile, many of the viewers of the show were delighted to possess the sweetness queen guest on the sport show, as Silvia wittily answers Willie’s jokes and fun. Her reaction is additionally natural whenever Willie does something!

However, some netizens weren’t pleased with what the host and therefore the beauty queen did on the show. Meanwhile, many of Willie’s supporters defended the host.

Do you also think Silvia is Willie Revillame’s new girlfriend? We’d like to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us within the comments section below. For more updates on the newest happpenings, be happy to follow us on Facebook.


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