VSI made it easier to do CA after 12th Science?


CA, full form of this word is “Chartered accountant” means if a student wants to become a chartered accountant after 12th, then he or she needs to be perfect in accountants and financial books.

Because “if you want to drive a car then you need to learn a bicycle first”.

CA After 12th is a very routine course among commerce students. After clearing 12th students can register themself for CA course. Science students always have a question,  how to become a CA after 12th science? They can easily join CA course after clearing their 12th with a minimum of 50 % marks. 

If someone wants to join CA course after 12th science course, then first student needs to clear its 12th Science with 55% of aggregate marks for Science students with maths and 60% of aggregate marks for Science students without maths. Eligibility for CA course after 12th is different for commerce students and 12th science students. ICAI conducts three exams in the entire CA course. CA after 12 science is a different course from the science students’ field but if a student wants to do that then they could clear all exams of CA course. 

                                          List of exams of CA course

numbersName of exam
1CA foundation (four exams)
2CA intermediate (two groups of exams and each group have four papers)
3CA final (two groups of exams) 

Eligibility for CA after 12th Science Course-

CA is a different course after 12th Science, but we all heard this line “nothing is impossible”. Yes, that is true every student has a superpower that he or she can do everything which they want to do in their life. So if a student wants to do CA course after 12th Science course, then no one can stop him/her. And for that student needs the best coaching and proper guidance. VSI Jaipur is not only the best institute for CA but also the best institute for those students who want to do CA after 12th Science.CA eligibility after 12th, Students only need to clear 12th Science with 50% to register in the CA course.

CA after 12th Science Duration-

The duration of CA course  After 12th science course is almost 4.5 years. Once a student gets enroll CA course in after 12th Science then they have to wait for 4.5 years, it can exceed more than that if students are not clear all exams in the first attempt.

With the help of this table, I will show you the total duration of CA after 12th Science Course

Numbers Name of exams of CA course after 12th science Duration after 12th science 
1CA foundation 6.5 months (4 months for studies and 2 months for the result.)
2CA intermediate 8.5 months (8 months for studies and 2 months for results.) 
3ICITSS11 Months of training 
4Three-year Articleship3 years of training 
5AICITSS100 hours of training 
6CA final 8 months( 6 months for studies and 2 months for the result.)
7Total time 4.5-year approx

Examination to become CA after 12th Science Course-

Students need to go through 3 exams and approx 20 papers in the process of CA after 12th Science. 

Here I will share a list of total exams and papers of CA course.

numbersName of exams of CA courseName of papers of CA course 
1CA foundation CA foundation have four subjects in exams-Principles and Practices of AccountingBusiness Law and Business Correspondence and ReportingBusiness Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and StatisticsBusiness Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
2CA intermediate CA intemediate have two groups of exams and each group have four papers.
Group 1- (1)Corporate and other Laws                 (2)Taxation                 (3)Auditing and Assurance                 (4) Enterprise and Information Systems                        and strategic managementGroup 2-                  (1)Business Laws, Ethics and communication                   (2)Taxation                   (3) Auditing and Assurance                   (4) Information Technology                         and strategic management
3CA final Paper 1-Financial ReportingPaper 2-Strategic Financial Management Paper 3-Advanced Auditing and Professional EthicsPaper 4-Corporate and Economic LawsPaper 5-Strategic Cost Management and Performance EvaluationPaper 6A-Risk ManagementPaper 6B-Financial Services and Capital MarketsPaper 6C-International TaxationPaper 6D-Economic LawsPaper 6E-Global Financial Reporting StandardsPaper 6F-Multidisciplinary Case StudyPaper 7-Direct Tax Laws and International TaxationPaper 8-Indirect Tax Laws

Fees for CA after 12th Science-

Students after 12th science need to go through six processes. In these six processes, three are exams and rest are the training program. All six processes have their fees structure. 

 Here is the list of CA course After 12th science course details of fees for CA after 12th Science-

Name of course Fees Both group Single group
1CA foundation 9,800
2CA intermediate18,00013,000
3ICITSS6,500 & 7,000
4Three-year Aarticleship2,000
5AICITSS7,000 & 7,500
6CA final22,000

Is CA easy for Science Students?-

Nothing is impossible; everything wants, dedication,100% hard work in the right direction. If we notice in our daily life, we see a lot of students wish to pursue their careers in the opposite direction of their stream of education. The shocking thing is that they got success in that direction.

Everyone knows that CA one of the hardest courses in India, but for a science student, CA course is easy because science students are good at maths and if someone good a maths then CA course is easier then other courses. Every student can turn his dreams into reality with the help of proper guidance and with the help of a pleasant environment of studies. VSI Jaipur is the best place for those students who want to turn their dream into the reality of becoming a successful CA, from a science student.


Everything is possible if someone wants to achieve something. They just need to be loyal toward their goals and need to make some extraordinary efforts in comparison to any other peoples. This article is entirely dedicated to those students who want to do CA after 12th Science. Students just need to change the thinking, and by changing their thinking, they can make CA course easier. VSI Jaipur made easier CA course After 12th science course.

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