How to style up your Anarkali Suits for the best looks.

Originating from the Mughal era where it was a rare sight only seen on royalty like queens and princesses, it has now become a common sight today that can be bought by any woman. Anarkali style has undoubtedly taken the Indian fashion industry by storm, it can be seen every day in every place you look even on Bollywood celebrities. But this has only increased the craze and the constant want for it, this has prompted the circulation of wholesale dress material as most women want to go out and purchase this classic look. 

Anarkali clothing has a different aura around them and you will know this as soon as you put it on, it will highlight your looks and make you feel so secure and comfortable even if the conditions and situation are not at all suitable you will not feel it. Traditional pairings are common, but do you want to find out the other tips for pairing it up to look amazing each time? Below you will find a list of clothing and accessories that can be strategically used to elevate your overall look. 


1. Anarkali salwar suit:

The Anarkali salwar suit has been a hit since the first time it showed up on the fashion scene and its popularity is not likely to change anytime soon. That said many women will be wanting to chop and change the garment and experiment with other clothes to give it an extra special look that will stand out in front of the basic usual styles on the market. Team it up with a lehenga or churidar pants to get the best-fitted look. 


These are known to be heavily decorated and this is why you should not try to overdo it with the jewellery and instead, you can opt for heavy dangly earrings that can be used to lay emphasis on the face. Opting for a heavy necklace can be a fail especially if the outfit does not have much space for a necklace, it will make your neck seem shorter or even wider.


2. Indo-western Anarkali:

Because the world is continuously changing, there is also a continuous need for fashion to continue changing. So due to these changes the Indo-western style was born and introduced onto the market, it is a distinct fusion between western and Indian clothing. One characteristic feature of this long garment is its central slit that starts around the navel. 


This style can mainly be spotted at weddings and parties and appeals mostly to the youth. Pairing this up is no challenge as you have many options with a chance to go either traditional or foreign themed depending on what you pick. If you pick an all-out modern look, you will probably be wearing jeans, palazzo pants, or tightly fitting ethnic pants. Do not be shy and use accessories to your advantage.


3. Anarkali Gowns:

If you are an avid fan of fairy tales and Disney princesses this is the look you should be donning. Anarkali style is known for its floor-length appearance so why not go ahead and turn it into an evening gown suitable for night time events as it will have all the bling and sparkle to make you shine. All you have to do is throw in some flare to give it some volume to work with. Stones, gold detailing, sequins, and shiny beads are all welcome. When it comes to styling this look up all you need to do is add on the accessories, shoes, jewellery, a matching purse but most importantly a fancy hairstyle with accessories will do you wonders.


4. Jacket-style Anarkali:

When it comes to making a fashion statement the thing that you will need most is a fashionable outfit that incorporates some trending features, this is one particular one that is hot on the market for its catchy look and royal feel. It is characterized by its extra layer that is actually a sewn-on jacket that adds to the outfit’s aura. Also, it can contain more than two colors on a single garment. The best part of this style is that it can easily go the ethnic route by picking out a lehenga, churidar, or even dhoti pants that will add character with its baggy pleated look.


5. Cut shoulders / Cold shoulders

Another one that has the young girls going crazy over them because they are just so addictive and comfortable to wear. It adds style to your look without requiring you to do anything at all, making it great for wearing it to those events where you know everyone will be wearing high-fashioned outfits and will be judging you based on what you decide to wear. Plan your outfit if you have to, remember that you can go both traditional or western as the outfit is a fusion of both styles. Jeans, palazzo pants, skirts, narrow pants, churidars, leggings, are all available to your advantage.

6. Anarkali style sharara:

Usable for special events that require only dresses that are keen to cause a commotion with their breathtaking visual appearance. The sharara style is one that is further enhanced by the Anarkali length and designs that compliment your body and looks. A common feature of these outfits is that the entire outfit features a single color and decoration of a single color as well, this is either silver or gold. 

When it comes to pairing the Anarkali sharara, you will find them in palazzo pants with bell bottoms or frilly bottoms, you can also opt for a lehenga that bears similar design motifs. There are no limits to the styling up and you can even take a dupatta that bears decor and exciting dangling items such as beads or even tassels (just keep to the color scheme!) On the jewellery front, you can easily go for sophisticated earrings that are not too out of the ordinary, ditch the necklace if your outfit has a high-neck, else you can wear a simple matching piece.