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Giving joy through purchased presents is what we always expect, but not every year we have the same budget. But don’t be sad, because…

While there is Life, there is Christmas and to give a detail of joy to your loved ones, here I leave you 15 ideas of gifts at zero cost at almost Free with recycled materials very easy to make for this good night:

#one. Music Collection Who does not like to have his favorite music well ordered?

You can collect songs that special person likes on a CD, Pen drive or even in a shared Google Drive file and believe me it will be a gift he won’t forget. Even with each song, you can explain why that dear person reminds you.

#2. Matero / Cat pot.   It combines very well with the next gift. In the link to the image, you will find the complete instructions to make one like this.

#3. Seeds and earth. One day I have given a birthday bag a paper bag, bakery type with white lace. Inside it contained a plastic bag full of dirt, another bag full of lechoza / papaya seeds and a note explaining how to sow and take care of my lechoza / papaya plant. At that moment I felt it was a best Christmas gift!!!

#4. An e-book there are thousands of free digital books on the internet that you can share. Send it by mail with a nice positive message.

#5. Carpet – Airplane Game. A very original gift for the little ones. Teach them how to have fun without advanced technology. You will see that he is going to have a lot of fun!

# 6 Phone case. This is one of my favorites, definitely if they gave me one of these I would jump in excitement. It is very useful, even for a gentleman. I think we all have cloth, needle and thread cuts at home to do it.

# 7 A special dish. You can make a card and inside Place the name of that person’s favorite food with a field for her to fill in the date.

# 8 Pass coupons in every home there are tasks that we all dislike doing. For example, I love cooking but I really do scrub, Step.

And that’s what this gift is about. Manufactures coupons worth passes for do not scrub, do not sweep, do not clean such thing, do not take out the trash, etc.

Turn your imagination and give as many as it is worth, remember that when you get the pass coupon, you will have to do it. XD

# 9 Tendril Holder / Earrings. Very simple to do and any woman will love it. I need one of these now!

# 10 Tic Tac game. In Venezuela we call it “the old one”, I thought it was very nice and originated this gift. Also, everyone likes to play. Add a Positive message and give it to whoever you want.

#eleven. Give your time. We all have some outstanding ability. Eg sort spaces, paint nails or make the garden. Make a Ticket entitled to one hour of your time to help that person with what they need.

# 12 Love coupons Corny? If it can be. But it is very effective to make that person you love to smile so much. Applies to couples, mothers, fathers, children, in short. Whoever you want! I leave it in black and white to save on printing, cut it out, place it in an envelope with your name and voila ;).

# 13 A personalized mug with your handwriting. It’s just a matter of making the design or the message you like best by hand with an indelible marker, you put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes and that’s it!

 # 14 Cookies in a jar. Take the ingredients you have at home and make 10 small cookies. To make that amount of cookies, you just need 1 cup of flour, 1 small egg, 1/4 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, and 2 tablespoons of margarine and if you have chocolate you also put 2 tablespoons. Then place them in a glass jar and decorate the lid to your liking.

#fifteen. Knowledge. Last but not least, you can give knowledge. And as this is a Marketing Blog, here I leave you 2 links of training programs in the area completely free to give them to that person who loves to train and start 2017 the right way.