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Xian Gaza, Napahiya Matapos Subukang Pormahan ang Magandang Asawa ni Buboy Villar


Xian Gaza strikes again. On social media, Gaza is understood for 2 things: his notorious scams and his pathetic attempt at trying to woo female personalities. The so-called social media influencer is prepared to brace any criticisms he will get online. And only recently , he became the talk about the town online following his plan to entertain another woman.

This time, rather than going for Pinay celebrities like he always do, Xian Gaza decided to modify styles. He chose to approach a wife , particularly the wife of Kapuso actor Buboy Villar! Angillyn Serrano Gorens is an American actress who came to measure within the Philippines after getting married with Villar.

Xian shared his failed attempt at trying to woo Angillyn. On Facebook, he shared several screenshots of their conversation. At first, Xian messaged the 22-year-old mom asking if she could give her opinion about Gaza’s t-shirt. He then sent a full-body photo together with his genitalia hidden behind an emoji.

Gaza in time got a taste of his own medicine. He thought that he was still lecture Angillyn, on the other hand out of nowhere, he received a photograph of Buboy Villar together with his middle finger!

On the opposite hand, this is often not the primary time that Xian Gaza tried to form an unwarranted move against a public female personality. Gaza is notorious for declaring his adoration and affection for several celebrities, including Erich Gonzales and Nadine Lustre, who both rejected him.

In January, Gaza made news after his ‘big surprise’ for Nadine Lustre. He used a sports car as a props and even had a banner for the actress. During that point , Nadine’s break-up with James Reid was still fresh, nevertheless, Xian didn’t stand an opportunity .


What are you able to say about Xian Gaza’s latest plan to woo a girl? We’d like to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us within the comments section below. For more updates on the newest happenings, be happy to follow us on Facebook.



Why Abroad, Why not India?

Ya, it’s quite a different question but not bigger than medical aspirant. The financial stability of the student differs conventionally.

Apart from the condition, if the student wants to pursue a medical education in India then it is a difficult task for them to achieve their destiny.

Why So?

Because a medical study in India is not much easy. Not only cut-offs, but the fee structure also vary accordingly.

From India, about 4500 students are going to the abroad countries to study medicine. The method of teaching, the language of instruction, place of safety, affordable fees are the important confection which entices the medical students.

Also, the medical universities in abroad are globally recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO (World Health Organization).

Instead of taking back outs from a medical career, students take an adventurous step by choosing medical studies abroad.

Apart from paying 10-20 lakhs each year, students prefer a prohibitory education abroad.

Nowadays, the demand for medical education abroad is enlarging not only for fees also for the quality of education provided by universities. The students retrieve their medical career dreams by studying MBBS in abroad . The countries like Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Ireland etc. are the most sought countries by Indian students to study MBBS course.

How to reach?

Every year, thousands of students search about reputed medical universities in abroad

Not a difficult fact, most probably they choose “QS ranking Standard”. Well, I know some of you are not aware of the QS standard.

Let me clear out-

  • QS ranking is world university ranking which provides a ranking of top universities among all over the world.
  • QS ranking views the academic ranking of world universities as per reputation surveys were done by the experts.

The method of the survey include:

  • Global Academic Survey
  • Teaching Commitment
  • Measurement of research impact
  • Graduate Employer’s Survey
  • Diversity in academic faculty

About Overseas Medical Universities

With decades of experience in providing medical education, the medical universities in abroad have set a benchmark in the educational field.

Although they provide subsidized educations, scholarships for medical students. Cost of medical education in abroad is low and approved by Medical Council of India.

When the things come about MBBS degree, Just know the fact that MBBS degree in abroad is globally accepted in India and in other countries also.

Here, get the list of top MCI approved medical universities in abroad

  • Guangxi Medical University
  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Belarusian State Medical University
  • University Heidelberg
  • Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy
  • Medical University of Lublin
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine

Major advantages to Study MBBS in Abroad

  • No capitation & donation fees
  • Low Living expenditure
  • No entrance test required
  • MCI approved medical universities
  • Subsidized education
  • Globally Recognized Degree

Apart from this, the quality of education matters a lot!

Yes, After completion of MBBS course, students will have to undergo for FMGE/MCI Screening Test to practice in India.

The medical universities in abroad have a well-modified academic curriculum which includes research works and practical training. The duration of the course is 6 years including 1-year rotary internships.

Student’s Life in Abroad

Optimizing your career in abroad is likely to capture your way from the number of intricate pathways. Organizing your MBBS degree in abroad requires a lot of groundworks so that you can easily engage with educational culture abroad.

Simply, you have to understand the life or nature for survival in abroad. Medical universities in abroad have their own hostels with affordable hostel fees .

The hostel has well-furnished rooms , wifi facilities, reading halls and mess located near a college campus.

Apart from that, there are rental apartments available for international students in which they can stay with their own circumstances.
MCI Rules & Regulations for Studying MBBS in Abroad
Validation of MBBS degree in India depends on the Medical Council of India. MCI approves the medical degrees of foreign universities for the students who want to practice in India. Some of the regulations for MBBS admissions as per MCI are:

For issuing an eligibility certificate for FMGE exam and for granting provisional medical educational qualification.
Before taking admission, the applicants must have to inquire the status of MCI approved medical university in abroad.
The candidate who has passed required examination and want to pursue MBBS from abroad on or after the 15th March 2002, he/she must apply to MCI for issuing eligibility certificate .
The candidate should submit the application form for an eligibility certificate of Rs.500 with a demand draft drawn in favor of Secretary, Medical Council of India, New Delhi.li>
No admission entry will be allowed until the candidate has completed 17 years on or before the year of the admission process.
So, these are the MCI rules and regulations that every medical aspirant need to follow.Now, let us move to the Academics taught in abroad countries.

Academics & Medical Studies

Medicine is one of the lucrative career options for Indian students who are studying MBBS in abroad. In order to be eligible for the medicine course, students should obtain AAA grade in chemistry and biology subjects as per requirements.
Some universities conduct English proficiency test like IELTS for international students. The score must be not less than 6.5 for each category candidate.
The duration of medical studies ranges from 4 to 6 years. Students have to undergo Specialty training after four years of study.
The Certificate of Completion Training (CCT) is awarded to students after completing specialty training.
The curriculum designed for a medical study comprises of 12 semesters.
The MBBS syllabus taught in abroad have preliminary subjects like Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Community Medicine, Human Anatomy, Forensic medicine, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics etc.
Validation of the Visa Process
Well, if you want to study MBBS in abroad, having a visa is an obligatory thing. How to apply for it? Is it a difficult task? Absolutely not.



China is one of the most progressive nations in East Asia that is known for its rising economy and diverse population. In the cutting edge time, China has likewise become an extraordinary hotspot for a wide number of top of the line medica colleges and institutions offering MBBS degrees to the MBBS hopefuls from all around the globe. On the off chance that you are a MBBS competitor and wish to accomplish your vocation objectives, examining MBBS in China can be a worthwhile profession choice for you.

Seeking after MBBS in china for indian students isn’t just profiting the students from the spending perspective, yet it likewise permits them to get familiar with the basic abilities it takes to turn into a clinical expert in the cutting edge period. In the event that you wish to accomplish the best outcomes for your expert profession in the clinical field, it is prescribed to decide on MBBS in China for Indian students.


For Why study MBBS in China?

1) Eligible for any clinical authorizing assessment and all around the world perceived :

The 49 affirmed schools for seeking after MBBS in China are recorded in the World Health Organization (WHO’s) “Index of World Medical Schools”. This posting implies that graduates are qualified to go to public clinical screening tests, for example, MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS, and so forth.

2) On par with Western Higher Education in Medicine :

The majority of the colleges offering MBBS in China are positioned among the main 500 colleges on the planet and are exceptionally rumored for being at the cutting edge of the field of current medicine.

3) Easy getting admission to a top Medical University :

Contrasted and a few colleges or schools in USA, UK, Europe, even India, it is so natural to get affirmation by a high level university to contemplate MBBS in China. Moreover, the passageway prerequisites for single man’s medicine concentrate in China are likewise much lower than some other nations. By deciding to do MBBS in China, one can stay away from the weight of wild rivalry or hefty application pressure.

For additional data with respect to MBBS confirmation in China, one can contact Renaissance Education (www.renesaedu.com) which is the best instruction advisor in India and gives consultancy free of cost.

4) Living expenses and Tuition Fees are impressively lower in China :

Considering a MBBS in China is 70% less expensive than undertaking a comparable program in the USA or UK. The USA MD program course (proportionate to MBBS) cost around 1.3 crores, barring four years of Pre-prescription examination. While an understudy can finish a MBBS in China’s clinical university list for a long time for just 20 lakhs. Contrasted with the remainder of the world the expenses charged for MBBS in China are expansively sensible. The charges of coaching in the colleges in China are financed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. Consequently, it is extremely conservative for worldwide students to concentrate in China.

5) Plenty of value Hospitals for Internship :

China has a colossal populace and this will give fantastic learning open doors as there are numerous clinical cases to be watched all through the clinical years. The subsidiary emergency clinic where students seeking after MBBS in China embrace temporary jobs must be with the level of Grade III, Level A, which have the most developed worldwide standard clinical instruments and furthermore bunches of patient beds.

6) Study in a Society with excellent Public Security :

China is a serene spot with social concordance and great open security. So as to ensure individuals live in an agreeable and secure society, the Chinese government takes an extreme position on wrongdoing and lawfulness. The legislature likewise takes extraordinary consideration to give worldwide students seeking after MBBS in China with a protected report and living condition nearby.

7) Studying MBBS in China permits the East to meet the West :

China is home to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The fate of the new medicine is a mix of Western MBBS and TCM. Students doing MBBS in China are presented to TCM also, with chances to do postgraduate in all TCM sub-specialities.

8) The solid economy and stable society :

Financially, China is among the most grounded nations on the planet. The nation isn’t confronting any inward security issues and furthermore has a stunning foundation.

9) Lots of choices:

There are several schools and colleges offering MBBS in China to a huge number of students, both unfamiliar and neighborhood, so a lot of choices to browse. This remembers probably the best clinical schools for the world, for example, Peking University and Fudan University. Practically the entirety of China’s clinical schools are enrolled in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED).



Wish to pursue MBBS in the USA? USA is eminent for offering worthwhile MBBS courses to the students from all sides of the world. With dependable administrations from Renaissance Education, get the greater part of MBBS in USA after twelfth for a worthwhile vocation. Get hands-on understanding from the best MBBS guiding in USA from Renaissance Education.


The United States of America is famous for its top of the line MBBS instruction with a profound accentuation on top to bottom useful learning notwithstanding the hypothetical parts of the course. At the point when you wish to get the universally perceived degree from a presumed school or university in the United States of America, Renaissance Education can get you out. With our expert guiding, you can select yourself in one of the most regarded colleges or schools offering MBBS in the USA for Indian Students. Thoroughly understand MBBS in USA and capitalize on your expert vocation.


Renaissance Education is the official join forces with SHSU offering solid MBBS advising to the applicants. Directly from bunch guiding meetings to web based advising meeting including online courses, Tele-advising, Personal Counseling, Scholarship Test data, thus more – at Renaissance Education, we are your one-stop answer for all your instructive needs in the field of MBBS in the USA.

Straightforward Health Science University is eminent for conveying a phenomenal life to the students from everywhere. Directly from the enlistment to graduation and past, SHSU is focused on conveying the best-ever understudy encounters to the clinical applicants. find out about Students Life at SHSU.


The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS, are two of the principal degrees in medicine that any hopeful specialist should finish. These expert degrees structure the establishment of your instructive profession and are key to giving chances to push ahead in your program of study.

At Renaissance Education, we are focused on working with our students to finish the vital strides to get ready for, apply to and get acknowledgment to finish their MBBS in USA. It is significant for students to note, in the United States itself, just as in numerous different nations, the MBBS will be assigned as MD or Doctor of Medicine.

We offer the MBBS in USA through the Spartan Health Science University (SHSU), School of Medicine. This is a best in class grounds that is situated on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.

Qualification CRITERIA

  • Indian identity
  • 17 years and above
  • 10+2 go from any perceived Board or Council of India
  • Material science, Chemistry, Biology as subject electives
  • Least 50 percent of PCB joined


MBBS in USA takes around 4 years to finish alongside 3-7 years of residency. SHSU in association with Renaissance Education is known to expand its specific 5-year incorporated MD (MBBS) program for the 10+2 students. The course is broad in the time of around 16 months and remembers for profundity investigation of significant subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Sociology, Medical Terminology, thus more. Get more data on Course Details.


Here we will control you for MBBS Abroad Admission Process, Right from giving data about the enlistment tests to making the competitors educated about the whole cycle, managing them through the course outline, and substantially more, we are devoted to helping you make dynamic strides in your vocation. With quite a while of skill in the given field, our group of directing specialists can assist you with getting confirmation in the top MBBS school or university in the United States of America.

Wish to seek after MBBS in the USA? USA is eminent for offering rewarding MBBS courses to the students from all sides of the world. With solid administrations from Renaissance Education, get the greater part of MBBS in USA after twelfth for a rewarding vocation. Get hands-on understanding from the best MBBS guiding in USA from Renaissance Education.



Today, the shocking news of the untimely demise of famous Youtuber Lloyd Cafe Cadena shocked a lot of people.

It may seem unbelievable but a Filipino psychic was able to foresee the sad news.

The Facebook page RUDY BALDWIN has constantly predicted unfortunate events in the past and all of which occurred in real life.

In her post last December 2019, she stated that a famous YouTuber will suddenly leave the world because of cardiac arrest.




This is what the Construct Now, Pay Later Facebook page said in their post

They answered what has been wondering by netizens because of the untimely passing of Kween LC.

As we all know, Lloyd and his family just moved into their newly constructed house in Cavite before he bid his goodbye.

On the said post, the Facebook page explained what would happen to Lloyd’s house now that he’s gone.

Facts about the Durham University Business School MBA


Is it true that you are an international student hoping to propel your profession or change direction? At that point the Durham MBA at Durham University Business School ought to be your next step.

The Durham MBA will empower you to accomplish your profession goals. It will challenge, rouse and upgrade your knowledge and abilities for driving in worldwide business. This worldwide experience offers you the chance to study and system with students, staff and organizations over the globe. There are two courses of study accessible: Full-time and Online.

Durham University Business School is important for Durham University and you can study what it resembles to consider the Durham MBA underneath. On the off chance that you need to start your application, mastermind a free counsel with SI-UK London today.

Durham MBA Facts

– The Durham MBA (Full-time)

The Durham MBA (Full-time) will furnish you with the business knowledge, experience and upgraded capacities to lead in a worldwide situation of progress and unpredictability. Joining hypothesis and commonsense business experience, the full-time MBA will propel your knowledge and aptitudes along a customized vocation program firmly adjusted to your own proficient desires.

– The Durham MBA (Online)

The Durham MBA (Online) offers extraordinary adaptability as you advance your profession. It gives a solid establishment to you to turn into a vital, capable and powerful pioneer in your field. You can decide to contemplate your MBA completely on the web or adopt a more mixed strategy and go to certain modules at the Business School in Durham. You can likewise customize your program by picking a mix of discretionary modules lined up with your vocation desire.

Durham MBA Rankings

  • 62nd on the planet – Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2020
  • seventh on the planet – Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2020
  • third on the planet for esteem for cash – Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2020

Top Five Medical Schools in the UK


If you wish to study medicine in the UK, you should pass tough exams, meet severe section necessities and show you are energetic about medical services. Prior to that however, students need to pick a clinical school to apply to.

Medicine graduates can seek after more than 50 distinct callings once graduated, and employability rates are amazingly high due to the exceptionally gifted and popular nature of the calling. UK clinical schools are positioned on various elements, including understudy to staff proportion, understudy fulfillment and vocation possibilities following a half year.

The Best Medical Schools in the UK

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford Medical School offers separate pre-clinical and clinical courses, empowering students to increase an exhaustive diagram of clinical science, before applying that knowledge in a clinical setting. Clinical Colleges at Oxford offer individual educational cost and the absolute best in peaceful help.

2. University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry completed second in the 2020 Guardian University Guide for Medicine, with its MBChB (hons) medicine course situated on one of the biggest clinical destinations in Europe with amazing educating and broad exploration offices. The University of Aberdeen was named Scottish University of the Year by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.

3. Keele University

The Keele University MBChB (hons) medicine course is intended to guarantee you satisfy the essential guidelines as far as knowledge, abilities and mentalities that new specialists need, as recognized by the GMC in its distribution, ‘Results for Graduates’. The Keele School of Medicine is a benevolent situation where staff and patients will uphold you in your learning.

4. Swansea University

The Swansea University Medical School is the best clinical school in Wales and examination delivered by the office is the second best in the UK (Research Excellence Framework). Every one of Swansea’s six pathway degrees offer graduates an ensured meet for Graduate Entry Medicine, while the BSc (hons) applied clinical sciences (establishment year) will acquaint students with the key ideas and knowledge you have to advance to the BSc in Applied Medical Sciences.

5. University of Cambridge

Two sorts of medicine course are offered at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine; the Standard course and Graduate course. The School means to “give initiative in instruction, revelation and medical services through persuasive educating and preparing, extraordinary fundamental and clinical examination”.

Six Ways it is Safe to Study in the UK


While Covid continues hold across all nations, the UK is well past the pinnacle of the disease and life is getting back to business as usual – but another typical – and the manner in which we live is really undeniably more sterile than any time in recent memory.

The wellbeing and prosperity of students is currently principal over all learning foundations. Thus, in the event that you are uncertain about concentrating in the UK following the worldwide pandemic, we are satisfied to guarantee you that the UK has taken each conceivable measure to guarantee students’ security.

Investigate a portion of the key estimates the UK has set up to keep everybody sheltered and secured against Covid beneath.

Six Ways it is Safe to Study in the UK

1. Quarantine

Inside this article you will discover a rundown of nations that don’t need an isolate period upon appearance to the UK. It is imperative to check the rundown normally. The UK Government intently screens Covid cases globally and can make changes to the rundown with short notification, demonstrating its promise to forestalling a spike in cases rolling in from abroad.

2. Track and Trace

The UK’s track and trace framework is currently in full activity, implying that in the event that you come into contact with somebody who has the infection, you will be reached and requested to confine. This BBC article clarifies how the UK’s track and follow framework works.

3. Testing

Until now, more than 11 million Covid tests have now been done in the UK and the quantity of contaminations keeps on falling. There are currently 43 local testing places just as home testing packs accessible, so you can rapidly see whether you have the infection and organize disconnection or treatment whenever required.

4. Open vehicle, travel and shops

In the UK it is mandatory to wear a face cover on open vehicle and in shops. The social separating direction is additionally still appropriate so we’re all decreasing the spread of the infection when we shop or travel.

5. University campuses and accommodation

Every grounds is unique yet you can be certain that each university is following COVID-secure rules, educated by scientific counsel. Grounds will be cleaner than at any other time – and this incorporates lobbies of home where additional measures are occurring to guarantee rooms, restrooms and all surfaces are COVID-free.

6. Vaccine development

The UK is one of the nations that is nearest to building up a successful Covid vaccine and the administration has just arranged 100 million dosages. This demonstrates the UK is not kidding about ensuring lives and has the scientific knowledge to defeat this infection. In the event that you concentrate in the UK you are encircled by medical services specialists who are buckling down each day to make the UK a more secure spot.

Studying Business at Northumbria University


Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University offers programs at undergrad, and postgraduate and examination level, in Accounting and Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Leadership and Human Resource Management and Marketing Operation and Systems.

Learn more underneath why you ought to consider picking Northumbria University Business School. Organize a free conference with SI-UK London to kick your journey off.

Six Reasons to Study Business at Northumbria

1. Lecturers and Teaching

All speakers are exceptionally educated about the point they are instructing. At postgraduate level, all teachers hold a PhD and have directed broad exploration in their fields. All modules are planned dependent on needs that are communicated by the business world and are commonsense, with genuine business cases. Instructors center around the aptitudes and experience that will assist you with jumping available subsequent to getting your degree, through courses and workshops where students get included by finishing ventures and creating collaboration, authority, correspondence and other relational abilities.

2. Employability

Northumbria University has an incredible employability record. The Careers and Employment Service was designated for a public honor and highlights in top ten in the UK for the quantity of graduates entering proficient work. Extra scholarly occasions are sorted out by Newcastle Business School to animate collaboration among students and organizations, for instance visitor addresses in which business experts talk about their mastery.

Vocation days are additionally composed in which a wide assortment of organizations come to converse with students about alumni plans and arrangement openings, so students can become acquainted with what organizations are searching for in graduates and which abilities to create. The University additionally arranges employability workshops, including CV composing and meeting help.

3. Study Abroad

Students can participate in Study Abroad, Internship or Placement programs. Each of those gives an extraordinary encounter and expansion to your CV. It gives you a greater outline on a business market and its decent variety, involvement with a working environment associated with your field of study, and a chance to venture out and become more acquainted with different societies.

4. Northumbria Business Clinic

Another bit of leeway of learning at Northumbria University is that as opposed to composing a customary paper, students can participate in the Business Clinic. At the Business Clinic, students create hands-on aptitudes to use in their vocation, including fundamental abilities, for example, joint effort and correspondence. Particularly for students who focus on a vocation in consultancy, this is a decent exercise that increases the value of their resume.

The Business Clinic manages an assortment of themes which are, however not restricted to, Human Resource, Strategic Marketing surveys, Brand Audits, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Logistics, Strategic Market Expansion and Finances. As it were, all parts of business are secured by the Business Clinic. Students are collaborated with an association to obviously distinguish the association’s issue and give satisfactory proposals.

5. Global Reputation

Newcastle Business School holds AACSB Accreditation, an acknowledgment that is related with greatness in instruction just granted to a little extent of global business colleges around the globe. Newcastle Business School was additionally chosen as the best business college in the UK in 2015 by Times Higher Education.

6. Incredible Facilities

Newcastle Business School has a cafeteria, café, Ask4Help helpdesk, address theaters and workshop rooms, and a lot of room for students to concentrate exclusively or in gatherings. There are various PCs with the most recent programming accessible for free examination, and enormous PC screens for bunch conversations.